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Understanding Hydro: What are Chelates and Amino Acids?

Understanding Hydro: What are Chelates and Amino Acids?

  • Organic acids and amino acids hold nutrients in solution and make them easier to absorb compared to plain inorganic salts.
  • If you grow in potting soil, look into natural soil amendments that provide humic acids, or try brewing a compost tea for natural, bacteria-generated chelating agents.
  • Though nitrate is the cannabis plant’s main nitrogen feedstock even in nature, bacteria growing around the roots supply a small amounts of amino acids.
  • A few chelating agents adding just citric acid or glutamic acid helps growth by recreating an environment that is more similar to natural soil, hydro researchers have found a diverse mixture has the best results .

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@HIGH_TIMES_Mag: “Understanding Hydro: What are Chelates and Amino Acids?”

Many hydro nutrient solutions these days advertise having amino acids, chelated minerals and humates, but how do these additives translate to bigger yields or better flavor? The science of hydro is continuously advancing and many products made for cannabis are on the cutting edge.

Understanding Hydro: What are Chelates and Amino Acids?

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