Mayweather Vs Mcgregor Countdown Mayweather vs. McGregor- Viel Geld, wenig Sinn?!

Es war das spektakulärste Box-Event der Geschichte: Am August besiegte Floyd Mayweather UFC-Star Conor McGregor durch TKO. Der Countdown läuft. Conor McGregor fordert die in 49 Kämpfen unbesiegte Box​-Ikone Flody Mayweather heraus. Das Spektakel beginnt. The countdown to Mayweather vs McGregor is well and truly underway. And the world promotional tour may have ended last Friday in London, but it doesn't. Der Countdown zum prestigeträchtigen Showdown zwischen Floyd Mayweather Jr. und Conor McGregor läuft! Kommende Nacht steigt in Las.

Mayweather Vs Mcgregor Countdown

Der Countdown zum prestigeträchtigen Showdown zwischen Floyd Mayweather Jr. und Conor McGregor läuft! Kommende Nacht steigt in Las. Es war das spektakulärste Box-Event der Geschichte: Am August besiegte Floyd Mayweather UFC-Star Conor McGregor durch TKO. Der Countdown läuft. Conor McGregor fordert die in 49 Kämpfen unbesiegte Box​-Ikone Flody Mayweather heraus. Das Spektakel beginnt. Chicago Bears. Eintracht Frankfurt. Die Spannung steigt. Eine Rechte trifft McGregor wieder an der Schläfe. Formel 1 Bottas auf Pole - Vettel erlebt Debakel. Seattle Seahawks. Mainz Read more vs. Newton: Quarterbacks im Vergleich. FSV Mainz Beliebte Bildergalerien. Kansas City Chiefs. FC Union Berlin. Mayweather Vs Mcgregor Countdown

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Boxing has often looked down its nose at UFC, but its competitors are supreme athletes. Fighters use styles from a mixture of disciplines, such as boxing, wrestling, Muay Thai, Brazilian ju-jitsu, judo and karate.

Bouts take place in an eight-sided cage known as 'The Octagon'. So is McGregor allowed to kick Mayweather? Absolutely not.

This is strictly a boxing match. Any attempt by McGregor to kick, wrestle, elbow or use holds should result in disqualification.

McGregor, who hinted he will weigh around lbs on Saturday, promised to stand in the centre of the T-Mobile Arena ring. He was training at the Crumlin Boxing club in Dublin as a year-old and became All-Ireland champion at youth level before turning his attention to other combat sports at Why is Mayweather taking the fight?

Money, and lots of it. How much he makes depends on PPV sales. The split between the pair is confidential, though reports suggest it is roughly in Mayweather's favour.

No, but a special 'Money' belt has been commissioned for the fight. It has no sporting value but contains 3, diamonds, saphires, emeralds and roughly 3.

The undefeated boxer stared and pointed at his Irish opponent as he tipped the scales well under the lb weight limit.

It's boxing, so he always has a puncher's chance. The Irishman, 11 years younger, certainly has power, especially in his left hand.

Both his UFC titles were won via stoppage and he has a knockout percentage of But will he ever get close enough to Floyd to unleash his power?

It's unlikely given Mayweather has rarely been shaken in his career. Is Mayweather over the hill at 40?

Not at all. The American is a consummate professional and always keeps himself within a few pounds of his fighting weight. He hasn't fought since but don't expect his lightning-quick reactions to be greatly diminished.

His diet and preparations will have been on point. After all, this is big business for him. Anthony Joshua: 'It's probably going to be a landslide.

Mayweather's made great fighters look average. Conor can't really compete. He's going into Mayweather's domain. It's going to be a really big challenge.

Lennox Lewis: 'There is tremendous hype but I don't really take it as a serious fight. No one's figured out how to beat Mayweather in 49 fights - and now a UFC fighter is trying to beat him.

I think it's a farce. It is not about ability, it is about spirit. You can't match an Irishman's spirit. Manny Pacquiao: 'McGregor has absolutely no chance!

There is no way he'll be able to even land a punch on Mayweather. How could he when he has no experience in boxing? Mayweather is arguably the greatest defensive fighter of all time.

He is also a supreme risk assessor. He has opened up against lesser fighters but he has exercised greater caution against big punchers, such as Manny Pacquiao and Canelo Alvarez.

Of course, one punch can end a fight but it is difficult to make a case for McGregor against one of the greatest boxers ever.

Mayweather has never been interested in entertaining, nor does he take unnecessary risks to go for a knockout. Therefore he may be cagey in the first couple of rounds and gradually pick off McGregor.

Whether the Irishman is knocked out depends on his endurance. A knockout for Mayweather is the most likely outcome but don't be surprised if the American wins on points by a landslide.

American Robert Byrd who has refereed one other Mayweather fight, a unanimous victory over Robert Guerrero in May The Nevada State Athletic Commission sprung a shock by allowing the fighters to wear 8oz rather than 10oz gloves.

Both will be happy with the change. For McGregor, the gloves are closer to the 4oz ones he wears in UFC, increasing his chances of landing a knockout blow.

For Mayweather, wearing gloves that are 2oz lighter should increase his renowned hand speed. Given that the main event has the potential to be a damp squib, the undercard has been wisely stacked with some good fights — and there's plenty of British interest.

McGregor screamed in the face of his undefeated opponent as they went face-to-face before their money-spinning bout.

Hartlepool-born Savannah Marshall, Britain's first women's amateur world champion, makes her professional debut, against American Sydney LeBlanc.

Mayweather's protege Gervonta Davis will still fight despite being stripped of his IBF super-featherweight world title after failing to make the weight.

He takes on Francisco Fonseca, but the title is only on the line for the Costa Rican should he pull off an upset.

They don't know what to expect. Conor McGregor is right, of course. No one, not least Floyd Mayweather, knows what quite what he will produce on his boxing debut on August He is not used to wearing boots, nor wearing boxing trunks.

He has never before fought with 10oz gloves or had to wear a boxer's groin protector. These changes may seem trivial, but top level sport is about fine margins and McGregor will need to make innumerable important adjustments to stand a chance against Mayweather.

Here, MailOnline details five crucial differences between the sports that he must master:. Conor McGregor is in tremendous shape , the best condition that his trainer John Kavanagh has seen him in.

The MMA star is midway through a gruelling training camp for the Las Vegas showdown on August 26 as he looks to upset the undefeated American.

But all the strength and conditioning work McGregor has done until now in his career has been geared towards three or five, five-minute rounds.

Now, he faces the prospect of 12, three-minute sessions in the squared-circle. The Irishman claims boxing is 'easy' because 'no one is kicking me, no one is elbowing me, no one is trying to choke me'.

But no one has ever tried to punch him for 36 minutes, either. To try and build up his conditioning, John Kavanagh revealed McGregor would do four times as much sparring as he would for an MMA figh t.

Mayweather, by contrast, has won 26 world title fights over 12 rounds in his illustrious ring career. The year-old has only registered two knockouts in the past 11 years and has made a habit of negating opponents' threats on the way to a comfortable points victory.

Familiarise himself with the squared-circle. The unbeaten American is a master at using all four corners to keep out of range and control the pace of fights.

McGregor, meanwhile, has spent his career the Octagon. Sparring sessions with the likes of Paulie Malignaggi will help him familiarise himself with the movements of fighters within the squared-circle.

But even at 40, Mayweather will likely prove far more elusive than anyone McGregor has shared the ring with. Floyd Mayweather is one of the finest defensive fighters in boxing history.

Before calling himself 'Money', he was given the nickname 'Pretty Boy' by after making a habit of finishing fights with barely a scratch.

One of the secrets to his success is his superb control of distance. He has made a career of staying just out of range, making opponent's miss and punishing them with quick counters before removing himself from the danger zone.

If he has any hope of landing his dynamite left hand, the Irishman will need to find a way to cut the ring off - a skill many multi-weight world champions have failed to do effectively enough against 'Money'.

Mayweather has also proven over time that he is far from a sitting duck on the rare occasions he is pinned to the ropes.

The year-old is more than comfortable using his surroundings to fire off quick counters or slip out of danger. McGregor is also a fine counter-puncher in the Octagon.

But, with shots coming from both hands and feet in MMA, the Irishman tends to sit well on his backfoot, far further from his opponent than is common in boxing.

Some analysts feel this could actually play into McGregor's hands. And it's true that Mayweather will have never faced someone fighting out of an MMA stance.

But neither will McGregor have fought someone so adept at fighting at closer range. Will he be able to deal with it?

Besides the obvious need to curb his instinct to kick and elbow Mayweather, McGregor faces a race against time to learn boxing's dark arts.

But no one has ever tried to punch him for 36 minutes, either pictured: McGregor's last loss can via submission against Nate Diaz in March Holding, getting shots off inside, twisting arms, the year-old knows it all.

To try and get up to speed, McGregor has called in veteran referee Joe Cortez to officiate his sparring sessions.

The year-old is familiar with Mayweather. He was criticised for his handling of the American's fight with Ricky Hatton and also took charge of his clash with Victor Ortiz, when 'Money' used his experience to punish his opponent's attempt to touch gloves and secure a stoppage.

McGregor has risen to the top of UFC thanks to his fine counter-punching. The Irish star is ruthless at punishing opponents when they dive in or make a mistake.

He is one of the finest counter-punching boxers of all time. And between now and fight night McGregor faces a dilemma. Does he stick to his guns and attempt to out-counter the counter-master?

Or he will he look to use his size and power to pressure the unbeaten American. Having predicted an early knockout, the onus is arguably on McGregor to be the aggressor.

But that's not his style. Mayweather, too, is more than happy to eek out an uneventful victory. Don't expect his style to change.

It's over to you, Conor. If a boxer is knocked down, his opponent is not allowed to resume attacking him until he has returned to his feet and has the referee's permission to do so.

In UFC, fighters can box, grapple, wrestle, kick-box, and continue to strike their opponent while they have been knocked down.

A boxing ring, within the rules of the British Boxing Board of Control, should have four ropes and be between square feet.

A UFC 'octagon' must be between a minimum of 20 square feet and a maximum of It is also surrounded by a fence.

Boxers regularly provide their own cuts man, and one of their choosing. The UFC, however, provide one for each corner, and that same cuts man works the same corner for every fight of each event.

Unlike in boxing, UFC fighters are forbidden by their contracts to pursue their own sponsorship deals. They presently have an overall sponsorship in place with Reebok.

In boxing, a fighter must weigh in at the scheduled time and if he or she is overweight, has an hour to return and achieve the correct weight.

If they remain overweight after an hour they do not receive a further chance, though the fight may still proceed. In the UFC, on the day before a fight, a fighter has a window of four hours in which they can make weight at their own convenience.

A boxing glove covers the entire hand, and in fights between the flyweight and welterweight divisions, 8oz gloves are generally worn.

In the UFC, a fighter's fingers remain exposed, and the glove generally weighs between 4oz and 6oz. All welcome'.

Mayweather has prepared for the fight by spending every night this week in his club, called 'Girl Collection'.

If that sounds steep, then it is worth remembering that punters across the pond will have to fork out It is likely to start around 5am UK time 9pm in Vegas - but it may even be 5.

The so-called 'Money Fight' looks set to be one of the most lucrative in history. Not only that, but this non-title bout is on course to obliterate boxing's records for indoor gate receipts, pay-per-view sales and betting revenue both sides of the Atlantic.

McGregor, 29, a two-time world champion in UFC, has never boxed professionally and will make his debut tomorrow.

Workers set up at T-Mobile Arena ahead of the greatly anticipated bout tomorrow night. The view of the arena where the two fights will go toe-to-toe on Saturday night in a bout that will be beamed to the world.

The fight pits the best pound-for-pound fighter in boxing history versus the cagefighter who has taken the UFC by storm.

The brash personalities will settle their differences at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas in a cross-code event that has captured the imagination - even though McGregor has never previously boxed in the paid ranks.

Supporters of Conor McGregor in Las Vegas today prior to the boxing match that could be the richest in history.

Mayweather has styled himself around the 'Money' nickname and he has lived up to it. He isn't just rich because of the ring though, Mayweather is making millions as a businessman.

Security will also be beefed up for the fight amid fears terrorists might try to carry out a Barcelona-style atrocity.

An ISIS propaganda video featuring images of hotels and casinos in the Sin City has spurred police to increase security for the fight.

Officer Jeff Clark, of Las Vegas police, has urged fans to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity.

Speaking to the Mirror Online, he said: 'We are constantly evaluating the ever changing world climate and learning from events, such as Barcelona and London.

We have shifted resources throughout the Las Vegas Valley to focus on the resort corridor. Local politician Steve Sisolak added: 'There's always the risk that an attack could happen.

Mayweather, 40, who has recorded an incredible card and 23 KOs in his glittering year carrer, has come out of retirement for the match.

McGregor, 29, a two-time world champion in UFC, has never boxed professionally and has looked awkward and ungainly during training camp sparring sessions.

He has demonstrated punching power in the UFC, but has never faced an opponent as elusive as Mayweather. He will also be robbed of the kicks, grapples and ground tackles that UFC allows.

But so many McGregor fans are betting small amounts that the betting slips at William Hill were in the Irish fighter's favor. And then he got it — a call to appear on a UFC card in Stockholm. The real Conor McGregor And the party has already begun on the streets outside where passionate fans have displayed their just click for source. I really try to create a signature look for each and every client that their fans will come to know and love.

Mayweather Vs Mcgregor Countdown - Jahrhundert-Kampf: Mayweather und McGregor im Porträt

Miami Dolphins. Cleverly blutet stark, weil er einen ärgerlichen Cut unter dem Auge hat. Kurz darauf stehen beide Seiten schon zum Ring-Interview bereit. Der nimmt sich die Worte seines Vaters zu Herzen und legt im Ring zu. Pressemitteilung einreichen Redakteure gesucht! Es geht um den Weltmeisterschaftskampf im Halbschwergewicht. Buffalo Bills. Ringrichter Byrd muss aber immer wieder eingreifen. Houston Texans. Davon erhalten Mayweather und McGregor angeblich jeweils Millionen. Arizona Cardinals. Bundesliga Done Deal! Und auch McGregor riecht Lunte. Seattle Seahawks. Des Jahres Boxkampf McGregor lässt sich in der Kabine schon jetzt bandagieren, obwohl er noch einen Anzug und Sonnenbrille trägt. Der Ringrichter zählt ihn in der achten Runde aus.

Mayweather Vs Mcgregor Countdown Video

Floyd Mayweather vs Conor McGregor (August 26th, 2017) Meistgesehene Videos. Los Angeles Chargers. Die ersten Minuten und Runden zeigen: Er hat sich scheinbar optimal vorbereitet. Dallas Cowboys. Mayweather will sich rächen und verpasst dem Iren einen schlag nach dem anderen. Nur knappe zwei Monate später riecht es nach this web page Comeback.

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