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Der Fußballspieler Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) war in der Saison / bei Real Madrid unter Vertrag und wird dort im Sturm eingesetzt. Der Fußballspieler Cristiano Ronaldo (Cristiano Ronaldo) war in der Saison / bei Manchester United unter Vertrag und wird dort im Sturm eingesetzt. – Drei Meistertitel, erster Champions-League-Triumph und. Cristiano Ronaldo - Das Profil, alle Daten, Statistiken und News zum Spieler - kicker. Suche. , Uhr Cristiano Ronaldo steht vor einem Wechsel zu Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo feierte den bevorstehenden Rekordtransfer zu Real Madrid in Hollywood mit Glamour-Girl Paris Hilton. Derweil.

Cristiano Ronaldo 2009

cristiano ronaldo Das sind die Leistungsdaten von Cristiano Ronaldo vom Verein Juventus Turin. Diese Seite enthält Gruppe C, , Olympique Marseille · Ol. Marseille​. Suche. , Uhr Cristiano Ronaldo steht vor einem Wechsel zu Real Madrid. Cristiano Ronaldo feierte den bevorstehenden Rekordtransfer zu Real Madrid in Hollywood mit Glamour-Girl Paris Hilton. Derweil.

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Das sind die Leistungsdaten von Cristiano Ronaldo vom Verein Juventus Turin. Diese Seite enthält Gruppe C, , Olympique Marseille · Ol. Marseille​. Christiano Ronaldo welcomed by 80, fans at Real Madrid unveiling. cristiano ronaldo Nach durchwachsenen Qualifikationsspielen erreichte Portugal allerdings nur mit Mühe einen Relegationsplatz. Juli 2 Stand: Marca, 3. Maiabgerufen am 4. Beste Spielothek Herdecke finden Press Januarabgerufen am Ronaldo war daraufhin neben deutlich älteren Akteuren wie Deco und Nuno Gomes einer der letzten verbliebenen See more in der Mannschaft. Altice renews contract with Cristiano Ronaldo. Februar November

Forward Rooney added: "Goals change games and I think that was the case tonight. Once we scored, Arsenal knew they needed three, and then to score again just knocked the wind out of Arsenal's sails.

There was some great play and to do that against a very good Arsenal side was brilliant. Etiketler: Cristiano-Ronaldo-Arsenal-Show.

Etiketler: Cristiano-ronaldo-Manchester-united-training-pictures. Cristiano ronaldo Manchester united vs arsenal Fotos pictures.

Manchester United vs arsenal videos Scotland midfielder Fletcher said: "Our game plan was to get about them and press them and do it at a high tempo and then try and break with the quality attacking players that we've got.

United, in contrast, had eight shots on target — seven in the first half alone. FrustrationFor this reason there was a sense of frustration that they did not have more to show for their efforts than John O'Shea's 17th-minute winner.

Defender Patrice Evra said: "I think is not good because we created a lot of chances — maybe four or five — and scored only one of them.

I would like to congratulate their goalkeeper [Manuel Almunia], because without him we could have won But we have won the game and kept a clean sheet, so we have to be pretty happy with that.

As Carrick explained: "They will come out and be a real threat in the second leg but we are confident we can create enough chances to score again and hopefully that will make it even more difficult for them.

It will be a difficult match, but with the attacking quality we have got — whatever team the manager picks — we have enough quality to score that away goal.

Etiketler: Manchester-United-vs-arsenal-videos. Ronaldo Fires United Through. Att: 50, Ref: Massimo Busacca Switzerland. Etiketler: Ronaldo-Fires-United-Through.

Ronaldo: My Greatest Goal. Ronaldo: My Greatest Goal Cristiano Ronaldo has hailed his goal last night against Porto as the best he has ever scored!

Etiketler: Ronaldo-My-Greatest-Goal. Ronaldo a Real Player? Etiketler: Ronaldo-a-Real-Player. Under-achiever Ronaldo can't wing another player of the year award.

Under-achiever Ronaldo can't wing another player of the year award If Cristiano Ronaldo becomes the PFA player of the year for the third successive year there is something seriously wrong with the award.

The Manchester United winger would be the first player to achieve the hat-trick but he does not deserve it. If the fact that the Old Trafford club have five out six nominees has not already put many fans off who may have been interested in the award, returning Ronaldo certainly would.

Even Sir Alex Ferguson didn't mention the Portuguese when he ran through a list of his star performers this season and you have to hope that the players who vote have not been blinded by his past.

Injured, uninterested, theatrical and out of form in the first half of the season, this campaign for Ronaldo should be remembered as the one United managed to keep him for but little else.

By his standards he has let himself down and last summer his flirting with Real Madrid let United down.

If he wins the PFA player of the year, his fellow professionals will have let themselves down too. Etiketler: Under-achiever-Ronaldo-wing-another-player-of-the-year-award.

Cristiano Ronaldo's Loveliest Girlfriends. The pair are rumored to bloody love each other a lot.

Etiketler: Cristiano-Ronaldos-Loveliest-Girlfriends. The Mancunians remain in two semi-finals and command a lofty position in the division.

Fleet-footed trickster Ronaldo - who scored a thunderous yard drive to ensure United negotiated their way past Porto last night - believes that his side have the talent at their disposal to scoop the lot.

He told British tabloid The Sun, "We have an opportunity to win everything and we are very confident that we can. We did not play fantastic in the last five or six games but we expect the next ones will be better because of what we did last night.

Cristiano Ronaldo is a Real Madrid player now, says Ramon Calderon The long drawn-out summer transfer stories have yet to begin, but Real Madrid have started the ball rolling by suggesting that Cristiano Ronaldo is already committed to the Spanish giants.

In an interview with French radio, Roman Calderon, the former Real Madrid president who resigned in January after a voting scandal, said that the Manchester United winger will move to the club next season thanks to the ground work put in last year to secure his services.

And although Calderon refused to name the player directly, it was clear who the Spaniard was referring to. Ronaldo has been the catalyst of constant speculation linking him to Real Madrid.

Goals to gold: Ronaldo signs for oil firm Castrol. The World Cup sponsor announced Thursday that the Manchester United and Portugal winger will be a "global ambassador" for the company's football initiatives heading into the tournament in South Africa.

Portugal is struggling to qualify for the World Cup, trailing Group 1 leaders Denmark and Hungary by four points.

But with United, the year-old Ronaldo is enjoying more success. Ronaldo scored a spectacular long-range goal Wednesday to secure a victory over FC Porto and a spot in the Champions League semifinals against Arsenal.

Etiketler: Goals-to-gold-Ronaldo-signs-for-oil-firm-Castrol. Cristiano Ronaldo Gets Shirtless Sexy. Also pictured below is the year-old Portuguese heartthrob returning to the UK after their win.

The Manchester United player scored a yard shot, scoring the only goal of the game. Cristiano declared it was the best goal he has ever scored!

Cristiano Ronaldo and Daria Werbowy. Etiketler: Cristiano-Ronaldo-and-Daria-Werbowy. Cristiano Ronaldo says I'm very happy with my season.

I'm very happy with my season Cristiano Ronaldo has expressed his delight at how the club's season has panned out so far.

United have just set a new Premier League record by notching their 12th consecutive clean sheet against Everton, and have more importantly stretched their lead at the top to five points over chasers Liverpool and Chelsea.

Naturally, praise has been widespread for Ronaldo and his team-mates in recent weeks, and the Portuguese admits that he has been pleased with his own contribution to the campaign.

How do those cryptic glyphs help or inform anyone? He is now on 64, someone please correct this —Preceding unsigned comment added by In the article it says in the grid that he has scored goals for Manchester United but on websites such as soccerbase and soccernet, I can only count In the grid it also says that he has scored a goal in an other game, is this the goal that these sites are missing out.

If yes, can you tell me this other game that he scored in? Should we change Ronaldo's club information as according to both Real Madrid and Manchester United's websites the deal has gone through.

However both websites have stated it will take up till the 30th June for the deal to go through. So should we change it now or then?

I removed the statement about Kaka's transfer being the second highest if Ronaldo's goes through. Kaka was sold for less Euros and so it only seems the record transfer in the UK.

Officially Kaka transferred for less than Zidane. He has not yet completed contract negotiations - Manchester united expect the deal to be completed assuming the pay is enough around June Should be kept the same until then.

Thank-god the page is semi-protected Please avoid speculation. I think the deal is pretty much confirmed.

Ronaldo has expressed his desire to move so many times that it is almost a given he will manage to accept personal terms. Why dont we say his Man U career is over?

Since it was widely covered in the media and is relevant to when he wanted to transfer to Real Madrid but Manchester United didn't release him, his I am a "modern-day slave" outburst should be included, surely?

The transfer is approved, remove the part about him playing for Manchester United. Ronaldo is gone!!! He will pass the physical and they didn't just shell out million to have him with United for another season.

He IS apart of Real now. I find it ironic that in a supposed impartial article there is no mention of the "diving" tag that comes with Ronaldo But why would you write that he dives all the time if its impartial material thats surely a biased attitude.

I have updated the Diving element. There's a large volume and it merits inclusion. I have included negative comments by fellow pros as well as Ferguson's defence.

Unless someone can come up with a proper source stating the exact number of matches and goals, it should be removed. However his role in the Us probably should be mentioned in the article as he scored a goal and the decisive penalty in the second play-off match against France.

Real Madrid have signed Ronaldo for a World Record 80 million pounds. Ronaldo's agent officially denied the quotes contributed to Ronaldo: "All declarations that came out as being made by Cristiano Ronaldo are false and abusive.

Cristiano Ronaldo is on vacation enjoying himself after another hard season, where professionalism proved to be his trademark once again, and he had no contact with the Press since then.

Therefore this part of the article is wrong: "Ronaldo himself also expressed his delight at United accepting the offer, even claiming that he is "flattered" by the thought of two of the top teams in reference to Manchester United and Real Madrid wanting him to play for them.

Not done: Welcome and thanks for wanting to improve the accuracy of the article. The cite for the "flattered" quote appears reliable while the gestifute.

There is no claim on the site that this was a press release from his agent and the wording "and abusive" seems unlikely. Can you find a more reliable source?

Celestra talk , 20 June UTC. Gestifute is the company of Ronaldo's agent Mendes; Gestifute. Already done Hi. I think the difference would be that a press release would say that the agent denies that the interview took place.

With that as a reference, you could add a sentence that says that the agent claims the interview never took place. With this site, the best that can be claimed is that someone on that site denies that the interview took place.

Our conversation is moot, though, since someone has removed the sentence. Horrible picture in the infobox. Perhaps someone could at least trim away some of the excessive green space surrounding him in the frame so that he becomes more of the focal point of the image.

It won't help how ridiculous he looks in the picture but it's a start. Isn't Ronoldo on Real Madrid?

Why hasn't anyone changed it? Twsf talk , 26 June UTC. Yes it is definitely confirmed. Both clubs have said it, and Realmadrid already has a profile for him on their site and announced his presentation date.

Hala Madrid! Nkuttler talk , 26 June UTC. In the same year he also made his debut for the national team of Portugal playing in a match against Kazakhastan.

In the following year, Ronaldo put up one of his best performances. In the World Cup qualifying games the superstar midfielder scored 7 goals and made his presence felt in the Portuguese national team.

Only a year later in , Cristiano Ronaldo netted 11 goals for his country in 25 appearances. Although the up and coming superstar was making waves in the international football stage, controversy hit in the World Cup and it involved someone that was closely linked to him at his club Manchester United.

Manchester United teammate of Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney, striker for the English squad received a red card in a very important match, England versus Portugal in the World Cup quarterfinals.

Arguably, most would agree that the whole situation was not the fault of Cristiano Ronaldo, but Rooney got in a dust up with a few of the Portugal players and Ronaldo got in the middle of the scuffle, bad idea.

Unfortunately for Rooney, he accidentally stepped on the groin area of one of the Portuguese players.

Cristiano Ronaldo 2009 Video

Ronaldo's dribbling could perhaps be summarised as explosivewhereas Messi's could maybe be described as more intricate. Naturally, praise has been widespread for Ronaldo and his team-mates in recent weeks, and the Portuguese admits that he Ewige Torjägerliste League Champions been pleased with his own contribution to the campaign. Ronaldo came up to the referee when Rooney was pleading his case and the English striker took it the wrong way and pushed his Manchester United teammate which eventually resulted in Rooney being sent off with a red card. United had held off Real's learn more here in the summer of but the Scot is said to have agreed to letting Ronaldo go a year later - and he wanted an influence over his destination. Messi's vision and creativity with a dead ball are what set him apart from Software Gebraucht Kaufen Legal free kick specialists. But we have won the game and kept a clean sheet, so we have to be pretty happy with. TMZ has some photos of them making .

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Das wären etwa Die Welt , Hier verloren die Portugiesen mit gegen Deutschland und mussten vorzeitig die Heimreise antreten. Die Krönung folgte am Dabei hatte er anfänglich Akzeptanzprobleme bei den Kameraden, die zumeist aus der näheren Umgebung Lissabons stammten und sich über Ronaldos spezifischen Dialekt aus Madeira lustig machten. BBC , Hierfür hatte er über 40 Spiele weniger benötigt als der bisherige Rekordhalter Zarra Spiele. Cristiano Ronaldo 2009 Cheftrainer: Maurizio Sarri. Forbes In der K. Bleacher Report Memento vom 1. Juni spanisch. März englisch. ECO News, Januar Juli 2 Stand: Nach einem Remis im Auftaktspiel gegen Island folgte ein torloses Unentschieden gegen Österreichwobei Ronaldo einen Just click for source verschoss und mit seinem Süddeutsche Zeitung4. Daily Mirror Januar schoss er gegen Newcastle United den link Hattrick seiner Profikarriere. Herbalife4. Juniabgerufen am

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